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Back to school: Supporting student mental health

Whether schools near you will be learning in-person, resuming the school year through remote learning, or something else altogether, feelings around back-to-school have become increasingly complex. No matter what type of school year you may be facing, both students and parents are experiencing a range of emotions and uncertainties. Our experts have culled through chaos to curate this list of articles on how parents can support student mental health in the face the 2020-2021 school year.

Managing strong feelings. Whether your child is anxious, frightened, or excited to go back to school, it’s important to make them feel at ease, especially in the face of new protocols or procedures. Here are some tips that can help students feel reassured in both the physical and virtual classrooms.

Modeling appropriate reactions. Many parents are having a hard time dealing with the abrupt changes COVID-19 has thrust onto their families. This worry can inadvertently be passed along to children. This article deals with how to model healthy reactions to stress and anxiety and help kids to learn these behaviors, as well.

Creating a routine. One of the most anxiety-producing parts of adapting to life during a pandemic has been that children can’t rely on their trusted routines. This article emphasizes the importance of creating a new structure for your family’s day.

Understanding uncertainty. As the country reopens, parents are faced with many difficult choices that they don’t always feel prepared to make. This article gives some ideas on how to focus on what is within your control, such as maintaining social connections and being clear about your level of comfort with various risks. It also encourages everyone to take a step back to evaluate situations clearly before making decisions.